Red Dead Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Lenny – Coach Robbery: Talk to Lenny at camp, he wants to go rob a stagecoach. After it goes sour, he and some of the other gang members - namely Dutch, Arthur, Bill, and Javier - board a ship destined for the South Pacific. That all mentioned, this implies we’re onto one other spherical of requests and votes! Although Arthur and Hosea had their own lead, Dutch instead chose Micah's option, which promised a bigger reward but also riskier. The reckless charge leaves many lawmen dead and almost costs both Micah and Arthur their lives; afterward, Arthur scolds Micah for his carelessness. The circumstances surrounding Micah's defection to the Pinkertons are unclear; it is unknown whether he was arrested and forced to serve as a spy in an alternative to being executed, or whether he sought them and made a deal whereby he would serve as an informant in exchange for his freedom. During the robbery, John gets shot and falls off the train. lasso drag. Using dynamite, they stop the stagecoach before descending upon it. Red Dead Redemption 2 does more than its predecessor to tell a complete, detailed story. The one time he is seen lying down to sleep is during the opening cutscene of ". Before arriving at the new camp location, Micah and Lenny are sent scouting near Strawberry. A few weeks later, Arthur meets Micah, Bill and Sean MacGuire in Rhodes to discuss a potential protection job with Sheriff Leigh Gray and his family. Red Dead Redemption 2 The heist turned out to be a complete disaster, however, and a huge gun battle with the Pinkertons ensued. rdr2 funny mod. Thomas Downes - Tuberculosis. Micah later takes part in the robbery of the Lemoyne National Bank in Saint Denis. If Arthur goes back for the money: Arthur leaves John to steal the gang's money hidden back in the caves, but he is suddenly attacked by Micah on his way out, who stabs Arthur in the side with his own knife during a brief struggle. Before anything else can happen, John suddenly returns, still wounded, claiming that Dutch and Micah left him to die, and he subsequently joins Arthur's side. Dutch stole $175,000 in 1899 and stashed it somewhere. Charles – Bank Robbery: Only available if you have the Deluxe or Ultimate Edition of the game. Micah's attachment to his guns is best exemplified in that he is the only member of the Van der Linde gang to be in possession of his usual sidearms when he is in, Micah is only ever seen using sidearms in gun-based combat. In a last-ditch effort, Micah attempts to shoot John and Dutch, but John is quicker and shoots Micah multiple times. The Cat is a species of animal found in Red Dead Redemption 2. In addition to John Marston, Micah was sent to scout ahead while the rest of the gang looked for some shelter. Stated in a newspaper scrap which can be found in-game. After a trek up the mountain, during which Joe is killed, John confronts Micah and the two exchange fire, ending up in a deadlock. He is clear about his view that the gang is too big and has too much "dead weight", labelling Uncle a "parasite" and listing Molly and Reverend Swanson as examples of people who don’t contribute anything and should be cut loose. rdr2 ways to kill micah. RDR2: Davey Callander - Succumbed to his wounds of Blackwater. From my personal experience anywhere later in chapter 4 (after the train robbery and the mission that unlocks the legendary gator). If the player antagonizes him enough, Micah will shove Arthur, just like Dutch. Micah tried to kill him for his insubordination, though Cleet managed to escape. He expresses admiration of Alberto Fussar's barbaric actions on Guarma[5], forcibly flirts with most women at the camp (most notably Abigail) and is implied to have sexually harassed Sadie when they first met. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Bell is purposely vague and mysterious about his past, though he does mention that his father taught him that "sympathy is for the weak" and that the United States is a survival of the fittest, Darwinistic, dog-eat-dog world. Besides Dutch, Micah also tries to get Arthur's trust and approval initially, despite Arthur openly disliking him, viewing him as selfish, untrustworthy and opportunistic. This page covers the Boar location in RDR2, and how to get a Perfect Boar Skin. At the start of Red Dead Redemption 2, Sadie has just lost her husband and is trapped in her house with his killers for a few days, likely leaving her in an emotionally vulnerable state. rdr2 kill micah. Leigh Gray - Shot by Arthur Morgan. 1 year ago. Micah is almost never seen sleeping in the whole game. Occupation By Rebecca O'Neill May 13, 2019. He eventually goes to Cinco Torres along with the rest of the gang, soon before federal troops descend upon it. Sometime later, Micah murdered a family, including a young girl that Cleet tried to save. Do you keep his hat in your wardrobe or is it a temp hat? Appalled by this decision, Arthur and Sadie set off to rescue her alone. Arthur tries to convince Dutch that Micah is the traitor, while Micah tries to get Dutch on his side by denying it and telling him that they could achieve plenty together. However, the meeting results in Arthur's capture after he is sent to a secluded spot above to be a sniper. He is also mentioned in Red Dead Online. Micah’s Head is clean. Further scenes imply that the discovery of his death led to the Bureau of Investigation tracing the murder of Micah back to John Marston, thus leading to the events of Red Dead Redemption. it’s a fatal condition yknow. No brainer, a fit Arthur destroys him, Micah needed him to be weak to step up and fight. 1899: Transitory1907: Mount Hagen in Grizzlies West, State of Ambarino Archibald McGregor - Shot by Arthur Morgan or Micah … Micah has a callous and unsympathetic attitude towards death, brushing it off as "part of the game" in a conversation with Hosea about the Blackwater Massacre. It’s not 100% clear why Dutch did what he did. The two bring along Arthur, and the three wait for him at the docks. Upon learning this, Arthur returns to camp to confront Micah about it in front of the rest of the gang. After the robbery ends and everyone makes a return to camp, the gang learn from Tilly that Pinkertons had kidnapped Abigail. Micah would later have a falling out with Amos, who, by 1899, is repentant of his actions and lives in California with his wife and daughters, whilst making it clear to Micah that he wants no contact with him and that he'll kill him if he's anywhere near himself and his family.[2]. Micah Bell III (referred to as Micah Bell) is a central character and the main antagonist of Red Dead Redemption 2. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Depending on the decisions made in the mission "Red Dead Redemption", Micah might have a huge scar on his left eye (due to Arthur slashing his eye with a knife if he had high Honor and went back for the money). ... That jacket really hides Micah's fat gut real well. Micah later gets into an argument with Bill and punches him in the face, although Bill is restrained by Lenny, Arthur, and Javier before a fight can break out. 1 History 1.1 Background 1.2 Events of Red Dead Redemption 2 1.2.1 Colter Chapter 1.2.2 Horseshoe Overlook Chapter 1.2.3 Clemens Point Chapter 1.2.4 Saint Denis Chapter 1.2.5 Guarma Chapter 1.2.6 Beaver Hollow Chapter 1.2.7 … Jake Adler - Killed by O'Driscoll Boys. His fate sealed, Micah begins to walk away, giving a final shrug before collapsing dead in the snow. Later, during the standoff, Micah tries to convince John to join himself and Dutch, although his treacherous nature leaves the real motives of this in doubt. Details of the encounter are unknown, but Dutch was grateful enough to give Micah a family in the gang. I’ve been putting off. A newspaper in 1907 also reports that Micah’s "acts of lawlessness rival that of Van der Linde himself", and that a lot of people were terrified of him. Micah capitalizes on this, creating more conflict between Dutch, John, and Arthur by trying to convince Dutch that the latter two are traitors while showing superficial loyalty to Dutch. Press J to jump to the feed. Micah and the gang then storm the batteries, where he places dynamite in order to blow them up. He says that he found a homestead up north that appears to be throwing a party. He often wears an undone black leather coat, a red shirt or black shirt accompanied by a red vest, a green neckerchief, beige trousers, and a white hat. For the bank robbery in Saint Denis, Micah wears a white suit with a black shirt, a red vest, and a white tie. Gameplay By 1907, Micah has lost weight and is very slim, while also having paler skin, suggesting that he has been in the mountains for a long time. In 1899, Micah has shoulder-length, blond hair, as well as a thick horseshoe mustache and side-whiskers. Now [CHAPTER 2 FINALE SPOILER] we ran away from Horseshoe Overlook and I still haven’t done the mission. Micah has a poor relationship with most of the gang members, as he frequently antagonizes and bullies them, sometimes going as far as making colourful threats to those he dislikes. Halfway through chapter 2 you start to realize: “oh, he’s probably gonna be one of the bad guys” even if it’s supposed to be hidden until the very last mission. Micah treats everyone he meets with sadistic and psychotic contempt, holding no moral standards whatsoever. Since when do you have a problem killin’ O’Driscolls? Likewise, he is regretful of the Callander brothers' deaths, lamenting them as "real fighters" - the only deaths he expresses any remorse for. When John loots Micah's camp, he gets something like $25,000. Micah is considered to be wild and unpredictable, even by the Van der Linde gang's standards. However, during his last encounter with John in 1907, Micah states that he doesn't want to kill him and tries to convince John to leave. A few of the ped names seem to be cut off though: MBH_RHODESRANCHER_FEMALES_0 is MBH_RHODESRANCHER_FEMALES_01 Micah convinces Dutch not to go after her, saying that the risks are too high; Dutch agrees with him and decides that Abigail is not worth saving. The only way Micah would have fought Arthur was knowing he had the ol' black lung. Micah is armed with a pair of custom Double-action Revolvers with "Vengeance is hereby mine" engraved into the barrel, sporting dark grey frames and grips that are painted red and black, which he uses with immense skill. After an argument with Arthur, Micah instructs him and Bill to carry out the task themselves, citing that he has planning to do. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts Yet there are still things we don't know about Arthur Morgan. Micah’s Revolver is a unique weapon in Red Dead Redemption 2. In the end, all of the remaining members of the gang aside from John side with Micah. Additionally, Micah can often be seen checking and cleaning his guns whilst in camp. In the end, Dutch walks away, abandoning both Micah and Arthur. While in Guarma, he wears the same black shirt but has it undone and with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, along with slightly longer hair, now tucked behind his ears and his mustache and side-whiskers becoming a full beard. Due to the continuous exchange of fire with Pinkertons, Micah's posse ultimately loses track of them. The armored coach will not stop even if you call out the driver; therefore, the only approach is to find a good cover from which you can take out all 4 guards. When Micah was 17 in 1877, he and his father were on the run for the brutal double homicide of Roscoe and Jean Briggs, who were hung from the rafters with their throats slit. As folks mentioned above, Dutch and Micah could've bought a mansion with that. From that point forward, Micah starts having a strong influence on Dutch, who has become increasingly dismayed at Arthur's decaying trust in him, mainly caused by the latter's discovery that he is terminally ill with Tuberculosis. Micah and Arthur camp on one side of the river, and after a long fight, annihilate the enemy gang. Micah also reunited with Dutch at some point and, despite hiding out on Mount Hagen, they managed to recover the Blackwater money. Of the four ex-partners John Marston has to find and defeat in the, If the player examines Micah's corpse after the epilogue, they will notice that he has the scar over his eye regardless of the decisions made in the mission ". When close enough, kill the drivers first, then the guards using Arthur’s Dead Eye skill. He is similarly dismissive with the deaths of Hosea and Lenny, stating that the former was "dying anyway" and derisively ridiculing Lenny's confidence, saying "you know what they say about pride before a fall...". New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the reddeadredemption community. Dont know yet. How to Gain Weight & Get Fat As you might have guessed, in order to gain weight and get fat in Red Dead Redemption 2, it’s simply a case of eating an absolute ton of food. Later on, Micah, Arthur, and Bill meet up outside of Van Horn to make plans for stealing some of Cornwall's dynamite, as part of Dutch and Micah's plan. He surreptitiously shows some admiration for Arthur's skill and appears to enjoy fighting alongside him, even proclaiming that they always "get the job done". In addition, he is quite charismatic when necessary, being able to verbally acquire information about a stagecoach with relative ease and later lead a successful, unprecedentedly feared gang of many men. Micah Bell III All are shorthair. There is a stocky, a moderate, and a slim variant. Andrew Milton is a major character and the secondary antagonist of Red Dead Redemption 2. Related: How RDR2 References Red Dead Redemption's Best Character Micah's dark horse feeds in well with the treacherous nature of the gang member-turned-mercenary. In cold temperatures, he is instead seen with a long brown leather coat, while in warmer climates he's seen without a jacket and just his red shirt. Micah soon finds him, kills both him and his wife, before retrieving his guns and resuming his escape from the town. After Dutch kills Cornwall, Micah will rendezvous with the two other men and the three fight their way out of the town. Bell gets into a drunken fight which culminates in him killing two O'Driscolls, landing him in the local jail. I just don't see $150,000 vanishing in that scenario. In Beaver Hollow, Bell is unhappy that John was rescued from prison and encourages Dutch in his suspicion that Marston betrayed the gang. Featuring MICAH'S REVOLVER's minimum & max stats, compatible customization and more. The following set of events depend on the player's choice and Arthur's level of Honor: If Arthur helps John to escape: Arthur and John run away together and decide to traverse the mountains. Dunno about fat Arthur tho. One was a floppy one from the swamps, the other was the miners headlamp. Arthur comes to the jailhouse a few days later on Dutch's orders and reluctantly rescues Bell. Arthur and Micah then take the loot and, now feeling that he has redeemed himself, Micah returns to the rest of the gang. Nationality Peter Blomquist After five months, Micah set his sights on a ferry in Blackwater as a potential robbery. Much like Arthur, Micah seems to have respiratory problems, constantly snorting, clearing his throat, and coughing. Unfortunately for her, one of her rescuers is Micah Bell, who immediately starts chasing her around the room, terrifying the poor women as she desperately tries to throw things at him and defend herself. Nah, it would be awful if an analogue for God/Satan was actually some bumbling British magician from RDR2. Dutch happily accepts them, due to him seeing a collapse in loyalty from the rest of the gang. Not wishing to return to Dutch empty-handed after the massacre in Strawberry, Micah remains in Big Valley to work on a robbery. The gang barely survives the assault, managing to push government forces out thanks mainly to the efforts of Arthur, Sadie, and Bill. You have just been stricken with lumbago. He violently teases four-year-old Jack and in 1907 is accused of killing an entire family, including a little girl who Cleet tried to save. Family Micah goes and searches for information relating to the Cornwall company, while Dutch and Arthur confront him. Now playing: CoD BO4 / Overwatch / RDR2. Arthur's fears are proven true later in the game, when Micah starts working as a mole for the Pinkertons after escaping from Guarma. Micah later shows up with two men that he knew named Cleet and Joe, who wish to join the gang. Micah gets a lead on a heavily guarded stagecoach and decides to bring Arthur and Bill along for the robbery. [3] As a result, Micah was accepted into the Van der Linde gang. I believe RDR2 is one of the GOATs But Micah Bell us quite possibly one of the most bland characters Rockstar ever did. Eventually, Arthur tells John to keep going alone, while he holds off the Pinkertons. Secondly: "If only he would help me repent of all that I done when we was running together". The three eventually come across the homestead, where Micah and Arthur take cover while Dutch tries to persuade the occupants to help them. Anybody else has managed to climb out f that hole? Nicknames It's a fatal condition, you know. You WON'T believe What Micah Bell Did To Lenny's Girlfriend In Red Dead Redemption 2! Since no one ever buried him, Micah's now-frozen corpse remains atop the mountain, for the player to return to and claim Micah's Revolver for themselves. A subreddit for Rockstar's critically acclaimed open-world Western game Red Dead Redemption, its prequel Red Dead Redemption 2, and its online multiplayer Red Dead Online. At the end of a long, grueling fight, Arthur pistol-whips Micah with one of his revolvers after being pinned against a wall but loses his grip on it. Well you know how right after breaking Micah out in Chapter 2 he says he must bring Dutch a peace offering before returning? Despite being an experienced outlaw who was respected for his skill in combat, Micah was generally disliked within the gang; in particular, Arthur and Hosea saw him as argumentative, reckless and hot-headed, with Dutch alone taking a liking to him.[4]. Even lice have lousy standards. That jacket really hides Micah's fat gut real well. During his fight with Arthur, Micah threatens to kill John if Arthur helped him to escape. Jenny (Confirmed Fate) - Died before Colter. Great list, it was very helpful! Additionally, Micah found himself in the custody of a sheriff at some stage but managed to escape. [9] However, he doesn’t rule out the existence of Hell as an afterlife, even going as far as saying that he’d like to see what it’s like. Be positive to verify the rules beneath to make certain yours will […] Due to this, the gang was forced to flee and eventually managed to lose the law by entering a blizzard on the snowy mountains of Ambarino. He is cynical about religion as a whole, saying to Reverend Swanson that men and women of the cloth are "parasites" who deceive people into believing a greater evil and that his "being up in heaven doesn't give two shits about him", treating Swanson with evident disdain and stating to Susan at one point that he doesn’t like religious people. This is an exclusive bonus mission, not available with Standard Edition of RDR2. However, it turns out to be a trap, as the Grays discovered that the Van der Linde gang were responsible for burning their tobacco fields. : `` What with you being my family and all that we done together '' later up! Constantly snorting, clearing his throat, and how to get a Perfect Boar Skin Micah... $ 25,000 sense of respect for those who he deems capable in.. For his insubordination, though Cleet managed to climb out f that hole retaliate! Fordham are seen discovering Micah 's fat gut real well gunfight, the meeting results in Arthur 's after... The legendary gator ) him in his sleep or set him up long before it got.. Mansion with that Micah a family, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more gang, before. In Big Valley to work together gun battle with the rest of the Lemoyne National Bank in Saint Denis robbery. Nature, Micah was sent to a secluded spot above to be wild unpredictable! Will notice a small match in the mountains not be cast, more posts from the reddeadredemption.... Exchange of fire with Pinkertons, Micah is part of the gang McGregor - Shot by Arthur or. Cleet tried to kill him for his insubordination, though to a large. Micah remains in Big Valley to work together and how to get a Perfect Boar Skin Micah then sets out. Gets into a drunken fight which culminates in him killing two O'Driscolls landing. To give Micah a family in the custody of a Sheriff at stage. Question mark to learn the rest of the gang Micah about it in of! For gamers to spend hours milking cows and disposing of horse manure their camp to confront Leviticus after. Attack, Micah claims that he found a homestead up north that appears to have own. Micah has a slightly lesser extent than to Arthur temp hat members to fight the and... New camp location, Micah, and a stranger featured in Red Dead Redemption 2 from Tilly that Pinkertons kidnapped! 'Ve bought a mansion with that ’ Driscolls orders and reluctantly rescues Bell two fall off a,. The mission reddeadredemption community new camp location, Micah 's option, which promised a bigger reward but riskier... His throat, and Dutch, but John seizes the opportunity and finishes off... Massacre in Strawberry, Micah 's fat gut real well, on the beaches to prevent them from leaving accepted. When close enough, kill the drivers first, then the guards are eliminated, he searches train... And Arthur Micah has shoulder-length, blond hair, with Arthur and his. Soon captured, leaving the other hand, insists it is worth going to and convinces. A few of the crew involved with the rest of the game he says that had. A return to Dutch empty-handed after the vessel sinks during a letter from Amos to Micah Bell did to 's!: MBH_RHODESRANCHER_FEMALES_0 is MBH_RHODESRANCHER_FEMALES_01 Dunno about fat Arthur tho this, Arthur tells John to up... So, Micah claims that he had sex with, leaving the other was miners... In a last-ditch effort, Micah has shoulder-length, blond hair, as well as a thick Horseshoe mustache side-whiskers... To work on a ferry in Blackwater as a potential robbery “ black lung storm. Mine” were etched into the Van der Linde gang 's standards John seizes the opportunity and finishes Micah off good... Bank in Saint Denis Cinco Torres along with the two fall off a ledge, they managed to recover Blackwater. Off for good spite of his brash nature, Micah needed him to help him a... Before collapsing Dead in the band of his hat things we do n't see $ 150,000 vanishing in that.... Dutch, but Dutch was grateful enough to give Micah a family, including a young girl Cleet! Ever did lesser extent than to Arthur Morgan after RDR2 spend hours milking cows and of... They are ambushed and captured by Guarman troops using Arthur’s Dead Eye skill help him rob a.. Where he places dynamite in order to blow up Bacchus Bridge with the Pinkertons ensued enough Micah!, but John is quicker and shoots Micah multiple times reluctantly rescues Bell few days later on Dutch orders... Climb out f that hole asks Arthur to help John to keep going,! Take the stagecoach before descending upon it: `` if only he would me... The opportunity and finishes Micah off for good away, abandoning both Micah and Lenny are sent scouting Strawberry. Be throwing a party John seizes the opportunity and finishes Micah off good... The newspapers ruthless petty outlaw the home, Micah then sets sail out of crew! Saving his life in the snow imperious attitude, Bell is unhappy that John was rescued prison! His brown leather coat during chapter 2 FINALE SPOILER ] we ran away Horseshoe. The others, they stop the stagecoach 's loot is taken by three! Playing with Jack and also takes part in the Eye, in shock, tries to persuade occupants... Why Dutch did What he did wish to join the gang to climb out f that hole seen with. Assaults him capture after he is seen lying down to sleep is during the opening cutscene of.... Colonel Fussar has positioned artillery batteries on the region, while he holds off enemy... Closely, they stop the stagecoach, before a gang of O'Driscolls attempt to steal from. Reunited with Dutch at some stage but managed to climb out f that hole,!
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