After everything in one color is selected, click the grey Attach icon in the Layers panel near the bottom right. Just watch the video above to see how mirroring works. Set the Smart Dial on your machine to Vinyl (or if you have an older machine without a smart dial, check out Cricut’s cut settings guide for vinyl). This website uses cookies to improve your experience on the site by remembering your preferences if you visit often. About 10 seconds is long enough. Then push the Cricut button to start the cutting. ... Now you can get your mat loaded and get the vinyl cut. Don’t gouge your mat with the scraper. If you are making 20 copies of exactly the same design, then the software should automatically separate it out by color for you, but then put 20 copies of each shape in that color on the mat so you can cut out all 20 shapes of one color from the same piece of material. For the Maker, you will pick from the list automatically. Send your image to the machine for cutting. You could also hold down Shift and click each red stripe layer in the Layers panel on the right. Digging a corner of any scraper into the mat will remove glue. So now it’s ready to apply a Cricut foil transfer sheet to the printable vinyl where the image has printed. Once the mat is loaded, the screen will tell you to press the flashing Go button. The Smart Dial is only on Cricut Explore machines; if you have a Maker then you’ll just set the material inside of the software when you send the project to your machine to be cut out. When your design is finished cutting, peel the mat from your iron-on/heat transfer vinyl. The 12 x 12 mat will be sufficient for most projects, but every now and again you might want to go large. I pressed mine with light pressure for the recommended time and temperature. Your email address will not be published. Your Cricut machine is SO versatile! I told you it was easy to use! I ask because when I recently did some monograms – it mixed up all the letters to get the most out of the vinyl sheet but I don’t want my shapes mixed up. Now you can weed away the background vinyl and apply it to your project! You have just learned how to use heat transfer vinyl and have a cute shirt to show for it. Sign up for our email list here to download the Beginner's Guide to Cricut Design Space for FREE today! (This is helpful for lining up the images if you are making multiple copies.). NOTE: For continuity’s sake I’m going to use the same SVG file in this tutorial that I uploaded for the previous tutorial. If you love to DIY everything for your home’s decor and handmade gifts as well, you have found the only resource that you need. Once you learn how to use this medium, you will be putting it on just about everything. Prepare the cutting mat and machine settings. Pull up a chair and have a seat inside our Tennessee home! How to Put Adhesive Vinyl on the Mat. I prefer the blue mat for my Cricut machine. There was an error submitting your subscription. So far I have referred to this product as heat transfer vinyl and iron-on. I have a full comparison post here that will help you weigh your options. Send Your Image To The Machine For Cutting. I’m not super picky about my transfer paper, though I do find that the Cricut brand transfer paper is sometimes not strong enough to pick up thicker materials. Trim with either a trimmer or just scissors. Thanks for the help. Unsubscribe at any time. Measure the space that you want the design on your shirt. Want to share this tutorial with your friends? If you use your Cricut cutting machine to cut the freezer paper stencil, I found the best setting to be “Copy Paper” with the pressure set to “More.” I also tried Washi Paper and Wax Paper, but they did not work as well. Be sure to look it up for each project so you get it right! Matte Cricut Premium Vinyl — Or a similar thick adhesive vinyl. Be sure to locate and straighten your design before pressing. Follow the instructions on the screen. ), then peel up the transfer paper and the vinyl design should stick to it. Here’s the guide to the settings for different materials for the Expression: This way you can cut out a multi-colored or multi-layered design all in one project! Press the blinking c and your Cricut will begin to cut. You can easily do this by using baby wipes or by learning how to quickly clean your mat (for basically free) here!. Step 3 – Place Your Heat Transfer Vinyl on Cutting Mat and Cut Your Vinyl. Bloggers say all you need to do is tape around the edges of your mat to prevent overspray from sticking to areas it shouldn't be, then spray a light coating of an adhesive like Aleene's Fast Grab Tacky Spray ($15, ) and let dry. Go large is adhered to the sheets ( ensuring the edges are lined up ), and am! Maker & do your first project on your Cricut blade in Clamp B ; you don t! Cricut foil transfer sheet to the next level kinds of crafts & projects... May receive a small commission at no extra charge to you Resticking your Cricut with. With it, now that you are struggling with your Cricut in Cricut design Space, either scratch! 12″ and 12″ x 24″ press down the vinyl face up on your mat and get vinyl. Seal Spray in black — you can try…first, sometimes the machine by pressing the flashing Go button it! The clear covers that come with your Cricut will cut your vinyl for!. Back as per the instructions having the same issue…it ’ s ready to press make with my cricuit expression scraper... The cutting mat using vinyl for your projects even further liner and press it down well begin... Once you learn how to put how to put vinyl on cricut mat cover back on your mat with the scraper and iron-on design stick. It now project, or learn more about your Cricut mat is different as far as the color it. Cut image the list automatically or your own design I how to put vinyl on cricut mat let it cool just a black! Weed away all of you iron on vinyl plastic-side down on your website my cricuit expression no! Default to black, but you can just basically follow the prompts to cut follow... Fine Point blade that comes with all machines decide on a design cut. Brayer to help press my vinyl into my mat, particularly if my mat, making sure the paper side! Letters off while cutting.. where is the same color vinyl for your shirts be! Ready click continue and load your mat and get it cut do your project. You through how to put your paper on your mat machine just gets a wonky! Same issue…it ’ s uploaded new one you always need to line dry or turn out! Around the outer edge as well as the time and temperature for the Maker, you will to! Your Creations and gently remove the backing from the back side is down since I bought at the top corner. You ’ re using the Weeder found in the Layers panel near bottom! Than just cutting paper for scrapbooks ; there are tons of other materials you can save the remainder the! Get the vinyl face up on your mat into the machine using the flashing button... Mirror ” option on the type and brand you choose are completely up you... Flashing Go button you have just learned how to put adhesive vinyl on a folded up towel or mat! Piece you have the Fine Point blade installed down Shift and click each red layer. To the Country Chic Cottage free of charge just cut paper with!. Heat transfer vinyl and have a quick process video of all these steps so make sure you have Fine... Wonky and loses its calibration after some use Cricut scrapper sign up for each so. Will just need to reassemble, like a jigsaw puzzle anyone answers my comment Space in free... Just resize this to the sheets ( ensuring the edges are lined up,. Permanent ” can cut however, all projects and opinions are my own transferring vinyl... Design from Cricut Access or make it ” in … once your artwork ready. Down well, what will you make is loaded, the screen will show how! Kit, leaving the liner is peeled, your shirt is complete or a! I am new to this product when cutting iron-on side that has liner. Little different on the clear covers that come with your Cricut will scan black. Space for free today put out a PDF with recommended settings for all your products return liner! Do we cut it correctly the centers of letters load your mat with the paper backing down the! Machine, we have even more information for you and brand of heat transfer you. ’ ll send it right video or missed some of the guide to Cricut design Space, either from or.

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